Service & Repair

Our Service Department Manager, Ric Raiford, is a one-of-a-kind guy. With his bubbly, outgoing personality, you are sure to enjoy working with him. Ric is always ready to meet your dock needs, head on and resolve the issues to get you back to enjoying your best lake life! Ric has an experienced crew working with him and they are all extremely knowledgeable of the interworking of docks and are eager to serve. If you are in need of repair or service please call - 423-566-7401 or e-mail Examples of repairs/Service we provide:

  • From Roofing to Floatation
  • Slides, Dives, Ladders, and all the fun accessories
  • Anchors, Deadman, Winches, and Blockdrops
  • Ramp Replacements, Ramp Extensions, and Dock Expansions
  • Storm Damage Repairs, Dock Re-Decking, and Bumper Rail Replacement
  • And anything else we can help you with for your boat dock needs.